Personality Development

Personality Development

Personality is the collection of characteristic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are associated with a person. Personality Development is an improvement in all spheres of an individual's life, be it with friends, in the office or in any other environment. The progress in and insistence on quality of education coupled with rapid strides in spread of knowledge calls for equally developed and able recipients. Thus, a definite need is felt for well-developed personality and character in our life. The vedantic concept of personality development is based on the concept of perfection of each soul and self-confidence for realization and manifestation of this inner knowledge. Five dimensions are involved in forming the human personality. These are:

  • Physical self
  • Energy self
  • Intellectual self
  • Mental self
  • Blissful self

Well-integrated personality is the sum total of harmonious expression of these five dimensions.

Factors about Personality Development
There are various factors you will need to consider for personality development so that it has a positive effect on your life. Personality development is all about your individualism and how you control your emotions to act in a way that is most beneficial for you. When we think and analyze how people around us have behaved or reacted, we are in a way trying to assess how their personalities are, without really knowing what we are doing. A personality is built up by the kinds of thoughts and feelings we have within us that can result in a particular behavior.

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Motivate Yourself
  • Believe in your strong points
  • Effective Body Language
  • Handle people the right way

Focusing on personality development can help overcome many hurdles in your life. Problems that may seem to loom large otherwise can suddenly seem to be really miniscule for you. Always fill your mind with positive and fresh thoughts. Remember, how you present yourself has a lot to do with the way things can turn out for you. So, turn things in your favor with successful ways of personality development.

Some Tips to Improve Personality & Life Style
Here are some "Popular Sayings" which will very be helpful for everyone in critical situations.

  • Don't compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you compare, you are insulting yourself.
  • Life laughs at you when you are unhappy... Life smiles at you when you are happy... Life salutes you when you make others happy...
  • Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success.
  • Easy is to judge the mistakes of others. Difficult is to recognize our own mistakes. It is easier to protect your feet with slippers than to cover the earth with carpet.
  • No one can go back and change a bad beginning; but anyone can start now and create a successful ending.
  • If a problem can be solved, no need to worry about it. If a problem cannot be solved what is the use of worrying?
  • If you miss an opportunity don't fill the eyes with tears. It will hide another better opportunity in front of you.
  • "Changing the Face" can change nothing. But "Facing the Change" can change everything. Don't complain about others; Change yourself if you want peace.
  • Mistakes are painful when they happen. But year's later collection of mistakes is called experience, which leads to success.
  • Be bold when you lose and be calm when you win.
  • Heated gold becomes ornament. Beaten copper becomes wires. Depleted stone becomes statue. So the more pain you get in life you become more valuable.
Personality Traits