Terms and Conditions

Terms of Services
  • SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL does not help students in procuring any kind of document.
  • If the student misses the admission / visa deadlines, SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL won’t be held responsible for it.
  • SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL does not and cannot make any guarantee in relation to the approval or validity of any admission or visa application made by you or by SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL on your behalf.
  • The student accepts that he/she have read and understood the Offer Letter and its Tuition Fees Refund Policy.
  • The student understands and accepts that the approval of his or her student visa application is purely at the discretion of the High Commission.
  • I am aware of CORONAVIRUS issue which is a global epidemic. No excuses would be made for refund of Processing Fees or University Fees Paid.
  • SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL has a strict "NO CREDIT” policy and all charges (counseling, couriers etc.) must be cleared on the same day that they are due.
  • SKY DREAM INTERNATIONAL has a strict “NO REFUND” policy. Refund will not be issued under any circumstances.
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